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FiftyOne Computer Vision Community Update – April ‘23

Welcome to the monthly blog series where we bring you up to speed on recent happenings in the FiftyOne community and celebrate noteworthy milestones. 🙌 🚀

Community Spotlights

We love hearing how FiftyOne helps you solve challenges and reach new heights! Curious what sorts of use cases and computer vision workflows are possible with FiftyOne? Here are just a few highlights from what people in the community have to say.

LiveReach offers a premiere video intelligence platform featuring cloud-based enterprise video security and industry leading motion intelligence.

“I’ve done extensive integration with FiftyOne and it is a game changer!”

— Dean Webb, Head of Artificial Intelligence

Protex AI enables businesses to gain greater visibility of unsafe behaviors in their facilities. Protex AI’s privacy-preserving platform plugs into existing CCTV infrastructure and uses computer vision technologies to capture unsafe events autonomously in settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and ports.

“At Protex AI, we develop a platform to monitor worker health and safety using existing CCTV infrastructure. Our core computer vision technologies are object detection, classification, and pose estimation. We use FiftyOne as a vital component in our pipeline to validate dataset annotations, intelligently subsample datasets to ensure balance, and also to visualize and debug model predictions to assess accuracy.”

— Patrick Rowsome, Lead Computer Vision Engineer

G42 is a leading AI & Cloud Computing company based in Abu Dhabi, working on projects from molecular medicine to space travel and everything in between.

“FiftyOne provides a superior interface for dealing with computer vision data. Its extensive Python package lets you do almost any data transformation, perform similarity search, and easily evaluate model predictions.“

— Rustem Galiullin, Data Scientist

Community Rewards

community rewards swag collage

Is your organization using FiftyOne to solve interesting computer vision problems? Share your success story and claim a box of community rewards as a thank you!

Product Releases

FiftyOne 0.20 Is Here!

The latest product release, FiftyOne 0.20, is here and it’s packed with new features including support for natural language queries in the FiftyOne App, integrations with Qdrant and Pinecone for native text and image searches on FiftyOne datasets, and much more!

Check out the new features in the announcement blog post, the latest release notes, and in the live demo & AMA with Voxel51 CTO Brian Moore on April 20, 2023 @ 10AM PT [1PM ET]. Oh yea, you can also see it for yourself! It’s easy to get up and running in just a few minutes.

Community Contribution Shoutouts

Shoutout to the following community members who contributed to the latest project release!

FiftyOne Teams 1.2 Is Also Generally Available!

Check out the FiftyOne Teams 1.2 release blog post to explore what’s new (it’s fully compatible with your existing FiftyOne workflows).

FiftyOne Community News

1M+ Downloads

FiftyOne adoption continues to accelerate and the project recently crossed 1M+ downloads 🚀🚀🚀. Thank you to everyone who is using FiftyOne in your computer vision workflows. 

FiftyOne on GitHub

GitHub is home to the open source FiftyOne project. Here’s the latest snapshot of what’s happening in the FiftyOne GitHub repo:

  • Total stars: 2,750+
  • Total contributors: 59
  • Total used by: 268 repositories
  • Total forks: 328
  • Total issues closed so far: 777
  • Total commits so far this year: 792

FiftyOne Community Slack

The FiftyOne Community Slack channel is where you can join more than 1,500 machine learning engineers and data scientists using FiftyOne to improve the quality of their computer vision data and build better models. Ask questions, answer questions, or simply follow along with the discussion!

To make it easy to catch the highlights, every Friday we recap interesting questions and answers from Slack in Tips & Tricks blog series. Recent posts include:

Computer Vision Meetups

Voxel51 sponsors 13 virtual Computer Vision Meetups around the world. (To join, visit the Meetup link and scroll down to find the location friendliest to your time zone.)

The Computer Vision Meetups are geared towards data scientists, machine learning engineers, and open source enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge of computer vision and complementary technologies. We put an emphasis on open source software, and speakers who are computer vision practitioners or academics doing research in the field.

Upcoming Meetups:

  • April ’23 Computer Vision Meetup, April 13, 2023 – 10AM PT / 17:00 UTC: 
    Talks include: Generating Diverse and Natural 3D Human Motions from Texts – Chuan Guo (University of Alberta); Emergence of Maps in the Memories of Blind Navigation Agents – Dhruv Batra (Meta & Assoc. Professor, Georgia Tech); and Using Computer Vision to Understand Biological Vision – Benjamin Lahner (MIT)
  • April ’23 APAC Computer Vision Meetup, April 27 – 10AM IST / 04:30 UTC:
    Talks include: Leveraging Attention for Improved Accuracy and Robustness – Hila Chefer (Tel Aviv University); and AI Deployments at the Edge with OpenVINO – Zhuo Wu (Intel)
  • May ’23 Computer Vision Meetup, May 11, 2023 – 10AM PT / 17:00 UTC:
    Talks include: The Role of Symmetry in Human and Computer Vision – Sven Dickinson (University of Toronto & Samsung); and Machine Learning for Fast, Motion-Robust MRI – Nalini Singh (MIT)

Recapping the March ‘23 Meetup

We recently held the March ‘23 Computer Vision Meetup that showcased these topics and speakers:

  • Lightning Talk: A Recycling Max Pooling Module for 3D Point Cloud Analysis — Jiajing Chen (PhD Candidate, Syracuse University)
  • Lighting up Images in the Deep Learning Era — Soumik Rakshit, ML Engineer (Weights & Biases)
  • Taking Computer Vision Models in Notebooks to Production  — Sumanth P (ML Engineer)

Get the Meetup recap, including video playbacks, executive summaries, slides, and Q&A.

Even More Community Events

In addition to meetups, we invite you to join us for one or more of these upcoming events:

  • What’s New in FiftyOne 0.20 & AMA, April 20, 2023 – 10AM PT / 17:00 UTC: For each new release, we host a live demo of the new features, followed by an open Q&A where you can get answers to any questions you might have. Come seethe new features in FiftyOne 0.20 in action and get your questions answered!

New Docs, Blogs, Videos, and Tutorials

We want everyone to be successful with FiftyOne, and one of the ways we try to enable that is by publishing resources that you might find helpful and handy. Here’s a list of some of the new documentation, blogs, videos, tutorials, integrations, and cheat sheets that you may want to check out.



Tutorials and Cheat Sheets

New & Updated Documentation

We published a bunch of new docs to help you make the most of your FiftyOne experience:

If you’re using FiftyOne Teams, there’s new documentation on configuring the default access level on newly created datasets.

And, as usual, you can find the entire collection in the FiftyOne and FiftyOne Teams documentation!

Industry Spotlight

We started a blog series to highlight how different industries – from construction to climate tech, from retail to robotics, and more – are using computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive innovation. This month’s featured industry is manufacturing. Learn more in the blog post, How Computer Vision Is Changing Manufacturing in 2023, and in the PDF below.

Voxel51’s Commitment to Open Source and Community

If you’re new to Voxel51, open source, transparency, and giving back to the computer vision community are what we are all about! Whether it’s developing the open source FiftyOne computer vision toolset to help engineers and data scientists build high-quality datasets and models, sponsoring Meetups to help members boost their computer vision knowledge, or giving to charitable causes on behalf of the  community, Voxel51 is committed to bringing transparency and clarity to the world’s data.

Community-Powered Charitable Contributions

During each of our virtual Meetups and other virtual events, we ask attendees to vote for their favorite charity, and then we make a donation to the charity that receives the most votes. Since launching the charitable giving program, on behalf of the computer vision community, FiftyOne donated $1400 USD across these admirable causes: Children International, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief by Direct Relief, and World Literacy Foundation.