FiftyOne for Teams

Upgrade to FiftyOne Teams to enable multiple users to securely collaborate on the same datasets and models, either on-premises or in the cloud, all built on top of the open source FiftyOne workflows that you're already relying on.
FiftyOne Teams helps us manage our huge datasets, collaborate on model evaluation, tighten our production schedule, and ultimately deliver solutions that help our customers better manage their risk. FiftyOne Teams has added tremendous value to our computer vision processes.

Philippe Sawaya   Director of Artificial Intelligence, ADT Commercial

Team Collaboration

Share FiftyOne datasets and analysis securely amongst your team members.

Deployment Options

Deploy FiftyOne Teams on-premises or in a private cloud. Your data never leaves your environment.

Cloud-Backed Media

Store your dataset’s media in cloud buckets and seamlessly access it from the browser or the Python SDK.

Enterprise Support

FiftyOne with an SLA. Get a dedicated Slack channel with same-day support, plus monthly video calls, focused training sessions, and more.

Simple Licensing

Unlimited data for your team with a flexible user-based licensing model.

Built on Open Source

FiftyOne Teams is built on top of open source FiftyOne, so you can continue to run code and workflows that you already rely on.

Dataset management

Organize your team’s datasets with intuitive features like tags, pins, and a powerful search by content feature to quickly locate the data you need.

Dataset permissions

Control access to your datasets at a team-wide or individual level, including fine-grained permissions like view, edit, and manage. You can also invite guests to specific datasets.

Dataset versioning

Track revisions to your datasets so you always know what data your models are trained on. View or rollback to previous versions of your datasets at any time.

Why FiftyOne Teams?

FiftyOne Teams
Curate Datasets
Evaluate Models
Find Mistakes
Visualize Embeddings
Multi-User, On-Premise, Private/Public Cloud
Local, Single-User
Cloud URL Support
Dataset Management
User Permissions
Dataset Permissions
Dataset Versioning
Enterprise Support
Slack Community
Unlimited data and flexible user-based licensing
Apache 2.0

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