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Our Mission

is to bring transparency and clarity to the world’s data

Our Name

Why Voxel?


/’väk-sɘl/     noun

Any of the discrete elements comprising the three-dimensional space-time volume of a video.
We are Voxel51. What is a voxel, you ask? A voxel is to a video what a pixel is to an image. It is literally a “volume element” in the space-time volume of a video.

Why 51?

A few reasons: there are many voxels; can we help you find the right one? Does the voxel you need to find exist in the video?


/’väk-sɘl/     noun

Any of the discrete elements comprising the three-dimensional space-time volume of a video.

Our Founding Story

Voxel51 was conceived when our co-founders met at the University of Michigan.

cofounders Voxel51 brian and jason

Jason Corso

Jason Corso has spent the last 15+ years identifying and tackling problems in computer vision and machine learning. At Voxel51 and in his role as Professor at the University of Michigan, his mission is to inspire everyone around him to think big, develop a deep appreciation for the critical role data plays in machine learning, and make an impact with our work.

Brian Moore

While doing his PhD at the University of Michigan, Brian Moore designed algorithms for problems in computer vision and machine learning. But when he realized that there was a serious lack of ML tooling available for visual datasets, he decided to pivot and focus on building the tools that he wished he had when training his computer vision models. Enter Voxel51.

Our Team

Meet the incredible people on our team who are pushing our mission forward.

  • Tom Anderson

    Software Engineer
  • Sashank Aryal

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Mani Askari

    Principal Software Engineer
  • Jon Bock

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Michelle Brinich

    Sr. Director, Marketing
  • Brian Bristol

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Jason Corso

    Co-Founder & CSO
  • Prerna Dhareshwar

    ML Engineer / Customer Success
  • Topher Dick

    Principal Software Engineer
  • Kevin DiMichel

    Sr. DevOps Engineer
  • Brent Griffin

    Principal ML Scientist
  • Jimmy Guerrero

    Chief Community Officer
  • Daniel Gural

    ML Eng/DevRel
  • Eric Hofesmann

    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Benjamin Kane

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Josey Kestel

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Allen Lee

    Sr. ML Eng/Customer Success
  • Ibrahim Manjra

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Jacob Marks

    Sr. ML Engineer & Researcher
  • Ritchie Martori

    Chief Architect
  • Dave Mekelburg

  • Brian Moore

    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Dillon Pinto

    Director of Growth
  • Harpreet Sahota

    Hacker in Residence & ML Eng
  • Remy Schor

    Talent Acquisition
  • Amanda Venso

    Sr. Visual Designer
  • Minh Tue Vo

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Kacey Wang

    Software Engineer
  • Lanzhen Wang

    Software Engineer
  • Hunter Wanket

    Account Executive
  • Stuart Wheaton

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Markus Woodson

    ML Engineer
  • Robert Wright

    Account Executive

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