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Thoughts on computer vision, open source, and bringing transparency to the world’s data

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Model evaluation tips & tricks using open source FiftyOne for computer vision tasks

FiftyOne Computer Vision Model Evaluation Tips and Tricks – Feb 03, 2023

New Tips and Tricks on using open source FiftyOne to evaluate your computer vision models.
Computer vision, artificial intelligence, and FiftyOne in the agriculture industry

How Computer Vision is Changing Agriculture in 2023

Computer vision & artificial intelligence are driving innovation in agriculture. Read about use cases for CV/AI & much more in this industry spotlight.
computer vision tips and tricks with FiftyOne - Jan 27 2023 edition

FiftyOne Computer Vision Tips and Tricks – Jan 27, 2023

New Tips and Tricks on using FiftyOne including converting object masks to semantic segmentations & assigning annotation jobs to multiple users.
people @ voxel51 - spotlight on Jimmy Guerrero & developer relations

People @ Voxel51: Spotlight on Jimmy Guerrero

Meet Jimmy Guerrero, VP of Developer Relations and Marketing at Voxel51, see our open roles, and consider joining us!
computer vision tips & tricks on using FiftyOne's view stages

FiftyOne Computer Vision View Stages Tips and Tricks – Jan 20, 2023

New Computer Vision tips and tricks on using FiftyOne to filter and view your datasets using View Stages!

The Making of Avatar: The Way of Water

Learn how computer vision techniques like sensor fusion, performance capture, and frame interpolation made Avatar: The Way of Water a cinematic marvel!
Recapping the January 12 2023 Computer Vision Meetup

Recapping the Computer Vision Meetup – January 2023

Get a recap of the January Computer Vision Meetup, including the talks on hyperparameter scheduling and Hugging Face Transformers.
Tips and Tricks, Open Source FiftyOne, Computer Vision, January 13 2023

FiftyOne Computer Vision Tips and Tricks — Jan 13, 2023

Tips & tricks for using FiftyOne to merge labels and handle duplicate data to create better machine learning models.
Finding images with words with CLIP, Pinecone, and FiftyOne

Finding Images with Words

Learn how to add natural language image search to your computer vision pipelines with FiftyOne, Pinecone, and OpenAI's CLIP model.
BDD100K Berkeley Deep Drive video dataset in FiftyOne

Exploring the Berkeley Deep Drive Autonomous Vehicle Dataset

The Berkeley Deep Drive (BDD100K) is a large-scale diverse driving video dataset for Autonomous Vehicles & it's easy to work with in #FiftyOne!
Greatest hits of FiftyOne and Voxel51 in 2022

The Greatest Hits of 2022: FiftyOne & Voxel51

Explore some of the biggest moments from 2022 for FiftyOne and Voxel51, and catch up on interesting news and topics you may have missed!
January 6 computer vision tips & tricks using FiftyOne

FiftyOne Computer Vision Labels Tips and Tricks — Jan 06, 2023

Get the new tips & tricks on performing computer vision tasks with FiftyOne. This week focuses on using labels for efficiency and to improve data quality.

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