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Thoughts on computer vision, open source, and bringing transparency to the world’s data

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Zero-shot Prediction Plugin for FiftyOne

It's week 6 of 10 weeks of plugins! Accelerate your labeling workflows, Harness the power of computer vision foundation models and Leverage CLIP, SAM, and other zero-shot models all from one unified interface!

Mastering Drone Data Training 

Learn how to use FiftyOne and Ultralytics YOLOv5, two cutting-edge tools that, when combined, offer a robust solution for training an ML model on drone data.

Exploring Polylines – FiftyOne Tips and Tricks – September 22nd, 2023

Tips & tricks are here! This week we are taking a look at polylines. We aim to cover the basics of creating a polyline and how they can be utilized to create specialized labels.

Optical Character Recognition with PyTesseract

It's week 5 of 10 weeks of plugins! Optical Character Recognition has never been easier. Take your natural language document understanding to the next level. Control-F your handwritten notes and digitized papers!

Announcing FiftyOne Teams 1.4 with Dataset Versioning, Delegated Operations, and Ultralytics Integration

FiftyOne 0.21 is here with upgrades to FiftyOne’s plugin framework & new App features to explore your datasets and customize your App experience.

Navigating the Road Ahead

A Deep Dive into the nuScenes Dataset In the rapidly evolving landscape of autonomous vehicles, advancements in computer vision are

CaFFe: Calving Fronts and Where to Find Them

With FiftyOne JavaScript plugins, you can design a custom UI for yourself and/or others, enabling custom machine learning workflows!

Creating Pose Skeletons from Scratch – FiftyOne Tips and Tricks – September 15, 2023

New tips & tricks are here, this edition is all about how to create pose skeletons and work with keypoints with FiftyOne.

Recapping the Computer Vision Meetup — Sept 14, 2023

Get the recap from the September 14th Computer Vision Meetup!

Double Trouble: Eliminate Image Duplicates with FiftyOne

It's week 4 of 10 weeks of plugins! Explore the Image Deduplication Plugin to find & eliminate duplicates from your dataset in mere minutes!

FACET: A Benchmark Dataset for Fairness in Computer Vision

This post will give you everything you need to know to get started working with FACET so you can ensure that the models you deploy are not learning biases.

Recapping the AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Meetup — Sept 7, 2023

Get the recap from the September 7th AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Meetup!

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