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VoxelGPT: Your AI Assistant for Computer Vision

VoxelGPT is an open source plugin for FiftyOne that translates your natural language prompts into actions that organize and explore your data.

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Use chat to interact with your data and models 🚀🚀🚀

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Explore your data using natural language, not code

Ask VoxelGPT to search your image, video, and 3D point cloud data to find what you’re looking for, no matter how complex the request.

  • “Show me the most unique images with a false positive prediction.”
  • “Retrieve just the samples with at least two people holding suitcases.”
  • “Give me 10 random samples taken at night and in the snow.”

Search documentation, tutorials and API​

VoxelGPT has access to the entire collection of FiftyOne documentation, including tutorials, user guides, and API docs, making it easy to get instant answers to your questions as you work.

  • “How do I load my custom dataset into FiftyOne?”
  • “How can I export my dataset in COCO format?”
  • “How can I generate a 2D image for a point cloud?”
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Get answers to complex machine learning problems

VoxelGPT can answer questions about computer vision, machine learning, and data science while you’re working in FiftyOne.

  • “What is the difference between precision and recall?”
  • “How can I detect smiling faces in my images?”
  • “How can I reduce redundancy in my dataset?”

Onboard your AI assistant today

VoxelGPT is open source and easy to use in your browser or install locally. Get started in seconds and experience the future of dataset management.




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