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Computer Vision, AI, and
Machine Learning Meetups

Looking for a simple and interactive way to stay on top of the latest developments in AI, machine learning, and computer vision? Join more than 20,000 people who already do so by attending an upcoming Meetup.

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Our focus

These monthly Meetups are for data scientists, machine learning engineers, and open source enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge of computer vision, AI, machine learning, and complementary technologies.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a platform for speakers from diverse backgrounds working at the cutting edge of AI to share their research, cool projects, and lessons learned.


Join a Computer Vision Meetup

The monthly Computer Vision Meetup focuses on the field of computer vision and related technologies. Join the 7,000+ computer vision enthusiasts who are already members! Find the Meetup below friendliest to your timezone.

 Join an AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup

The monthly AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Meetup covers a broad set of AI-related topics
like GenAI, LLMs, MLOps, NLP, vector search and more. Join the 11,000+ AI enthusiasts who are already members!
Find the Meetup below friendliest to your timezone.

Speak at a Meetup​

These Meetups are awesome because our speakers are awesome! 

Consider joining the 50+ presenters who have already spoken at a Meetup.

Stay up to date

Can’t join us? No worries, register for the event so you can get the recap blog and video playbacks in your inbox the following day.

Missed a past event? Check out the recap and playback archives.

Sponsor or collaborate on a Meetup

Is your company interested in sponsoring or collaborating on a future Meetup? Drop us a line to start the conversation.

A community that gives back ​

Our focus on community drives our business, including charitable giving. Voxel51 donates $200 on behalf of Meetup members at every event. So far, the Meetup has donated $5,000+ across many charitable causes like these. Be sure to join a Meetup to guide our giving.
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