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Build smarter, safer autonomous driving solutions

Making hands-free driving safe and enjoyable requires high quality data and high performing models. Automakers, suppliers, and ML teams worldwide choose FiftyOne as a mission-critical component in their AI/ML stack.

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Autonomous driving leaders rely on FiftyOne across their AI pipelines

Lane & object detection

Video object tracking

Semantic segmentation

In-cabin analytics

Multi-camera sensor fusion

3D lidar & radar point clouds

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Increase productivity

Automate dozens of computer vision workflows with FiftyOne so you can free up valuable engineering time and focus on what matters most

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Get to production faster

Shave months of development time off your vision-based AI projects by using FiftyOne to accelerate data curation and model evaluation

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Save money

Avoid the unnecessary costs of manual data wrangling and overpaying for annotations by using FiftyOne to automate, increase accuracy, iterate quickly, and get to production faster

Automated driving workflows enabled by FiftyOne

Easily organize millions of samples in multiple formats

Hands-free driving systems and vehicles rely on massive amounts of data. FiftyOne makes it easy to manage your samples across dozens of formats.

  • Multimodal datasets: images, videos, clips, frames, geolocation, and 3D lidar and radar point clouds
  • Any metadata you need: time of day, camera or device ID, location information, weather conditions, and anything else you need in your AI workflows
  • Any model you’re working with: lane detection, object detection, semantic segmentation, and many more

Quickly find the subsets of data you want

Sifting through massive amounts of data is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Pinpoint samples of interest in seconds using FiftyOne.

  • Create meaningful, balanced datasets: query samples by metadata to correct for imbalances
  • Accelerate training data selection: quickly find unique scenarios and anomalies in your data streams
  • Cover the edge cases: identify hard samples to strengthen your datasets and model performance

Only annotate what you need

Generating annotations can be complex, cumbersome, and costly. FiftyOne integrates with your favorite annotation tools to become your mission control for annotation workflows.

  • Stop passing data around: collaborate with teammates and vendors on a single source of truth
  • Stop overpaying for annotations: identify your most valuable samples to annotate, then automatically send them to your annotation vendor
  • Mitigate annotation mistakes: assess the quality of your annotations to improve both your datasets and models

Continuously build models that perform

Models don’t always perform on new, unseen data. FiftyOne gives you the ability to visualize and compare model performance so you can deploy into production with peace of mind.

  • Understand your model’s failure modes: browse model performance at the sample level so you can take the right steps to address failures
  • Embrace continuous evaluation: integrate FiftyOne into your training pipeline to evaluate and improve model performance and datasets with every model update
  • Manage dataset versions: track revisions to your datasets so you can view or rollback to previous versions of your datasets at any time

Have an automotive manufacturing use case?

FiftyOne streamlines machine vision in manufacturing use cases, including production line robots, battery inspection, defect detection, leak detection, and assembly verification.

Streamline your visual AI workflows

Supports all popular
computer vision tasks

> Classification
> Detection
> Instance segmentation
> Semantic segmentation
> Polygons and polylines
> Keypoints

> Point clouds and annotations
> Geolocation
> Embeddings
> Multiview datasets
> Image, video, and 3D data

See what ADAS & AV data looks like in FiftyOne

Ready to test drive FiftyOne?

Instantly explore popular driving datasets in FiftyOne – including nuScenes, Ford Multi AV, KITTI, and BDD100K – directly in your browser to evaluate firsthand where it fits into your AI stack.

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