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Modernize manufacturing operations with confidence

Industrial automation requires machines that can reliably execute, even within challenging environments. Developers of cutting-edge machine vision systems turn to FiftyOne, the tool for building high-quality datasets and high-performing models.

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“Everything we do from the MLOps side interacts with FiftyOne Teams. It’s becoming the hub where all the spokes are connected. It’s like GitHub for code, but for our datasets.”

“On one side, we use FiftyOne Teams during model training to prep and select the data, then inspect the model’s performance on that data. On the other side, we take the inference results from our production models and test data to visualize and evaluate them in FiftyOne Teams. Doing this means we have an end-to-end process that closes the entire loop for us on model analysis.”

Manfucturing leaders rely on FiftyOne across their AI pipelines

Defect detection

Computer vision has become indispensable in ensuring quality control in industrial processes.

Predictive maintenance

Computer vision and predictive analytics help manufacturers save on maintenance costs by finding and fixing potentials issues before they result in failures.

Bin picking

Computer vision systems make automatic bin picking possible by mapping the environment and guiding the robotic arm’s motion.

Machine tending

Computer vision brings high precision to the loading and preparation of raw materials processed by machines.

Palletizing & depalletizing

Computer vision is a great fit for palletizing and depalletizing because object detection models can be trained with very high accuracy.

Safety monitoring

Computer vision is revolutionizing real-time hazard detection and safety compliance monitoring across manufacturing sites, enhancing worker protection and reducing accidents.
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Increase accuracy

Improve model accuracy with comprehensive visibility into dataset quality and model performance

Save time

Eliminate repetitive data work, freeing up valuable engineering resources and time

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Boost production

Build AI solutions that are efficient, reliable, and safe so you can keep production lines moving

Manufacturing workflows enabled by FiftyOne

Efficiently organize and analyze datasets of any size

Your business relies on the data, metadata, and models that matter the most to you. FiftyOne’s flexible metadata structure makes it easy to manage visual datasets of any size—thousands, millions, or billions of samples—for any model you’re working with.

Easily reconstruct scenes with grouped datasets

360-degree imaging allows machines to capture detailed views from all angles. FiftyOne allows you to easily group samples together to quickly visualize a reconstruction of the scene.

Seamlessly manage real and synthetic data workflows

FiftyOne offers a full suite of capabilities to analyze synthetic and real data and check for balance, quality, and accuracy. Plus, its powerful embeddings capabilities help you compare the distributions of synthetic vs real data.

Effortlessly evaluate your models

Use FiftyOne to evaluate your models hands-on. Whether you’re trying to understand current failure modes and how to fix them, uncover errors in ground truth annotations, or compare the performance of different models to find the best one, FiftyOne is here to help.

Explore manufacturing use cases

FiftyOne streamlines machine vision in manufacturing use cases, including production line robots, defect detection, leak detection, predictive maintenance, assembly verification, safety monitoring, and more.

Streamline your visual AI workflows

Supports all popular
computer vision tasks

> Classification
> Detection
> Instance segmentation
> Semantic segmentation
> Polygons and polylines
> Keypoints

> Point clouds and annotations
> Geolocation
> Embeddings
> Multiview datasets
> Image, video, and 3D data

See what manufacturing data looks like in FiftyOne

Ready to try FiftyOne?

Instantly explore datasets in FiftyOne – including Amazon’s ARMBench Dataset and the Damage Classification Dataset for Semantic Segmentation – directly in your browser to evaluate firsthand where it fits into your AI stack.

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