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Success Stories

From people and organizations building remarkable machine learning and AI

Global Top 5

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

FiftyOne is used in the development of cutting-edge safety technology, like hazard detection, for tractors and heavy construction equipment

Global Top 5

Defense & Space

FiftyOne accelerates the research
and development of unmanned aerial
vehicles (drones)

Global Top 5

Computer & Electronics

FiftyOne is used to identify product defects
in images taken from manufacturing lines

Global Top 5

Computer & Electronics

FiftyOne is critical to the development of In-Cabin Monitoring Systems (ICMS) for automotive use cases

Global Top 10

Retail & Ecommerce

FiftyOne is critical to the development of models and datasets for product identification and self-checkout monitoring systems





How are you using Voxel51?

  • FiftyOne Teams adds tremendous value to computer vision processes at ADT

  • Raytheon Technologies Research Center relies on FiftyOne to visualize large computer vision datasets

  • Computer vision and FiftyOne play a vital role at Allstate India

  • IBM streamlines the supply chain with FiftyOne

  • Vivint relies on FiftyOne Teams for intelligent data insights and smarter home security

  • RIOS AI-powered robotics solutions run on FiftyOne Teams

  • Forsight finds a centralized dataset management solution in FiftyOne Teams

  • Secury360 uses FiftyOne to balance computer vision datasets and improve model performance

  • FiftyOne helps Taranis provide farmers with leaf-level insights for healthier crops and fields

  • Fyma relies on FiftyOne to help manage and visualize CCTV datasets for object detection tasks

  • FiftyOne is a key ingredient for Kitro in developing ML models and curating datasets for training.

  • Aidence gives lung cancer patients a fighting chance using AI

  • FiftyOne enables ArgosAI to increase the accuracy of their ML models for aviation use cases

  • Aquabyte relies on FiftyOne for dataset EDA, data curation, and model failure analysis

  • G42 gets a superior interface for computer vision data with FiftyOne

  • Protex AI uses FiftyOne to intelligently balance computer vision datasets and improve model accuracy

  • FiftyOne helps BinIt provide visibility, insights & automation for material recovery

  • METU uses FiftyOne for cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision research

  • Qinecsa’s pharmacovigilance solutions rely on FiftyOne

  • LanceDB finds FiftyOne an invaluable developer tool for building its vector search database

  • Fast Code AI relies on FiftyOne for managing its data lifecycle

  • uses FiftyOne to accelerate wildlife conservation

  • Cybersecurity research at Indian Institute of IT & Management runs on FiftyOne