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Environmental Conservation

How are you using Voxel51? a New Zealand charity that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for environmental education and protection. The organization works with grassroots wildlife conservation projects and its work is open source, adaptable, and scalable.

“ is developing the Wildlife Watcher, an open source smart camera trap that captures images of a much wider variety of animals than is possible today, while also automatically producing valuable data insights using machine learning. The cameras have already outperformed traditional monitoring tools to record the presence of invasive and native species in New Zealand.

To make the Wildlife Watchers available to the wider community, is using FiftyOne and other open source software to enable users to easily analyze the camera data and create their own models.”

 Victor Anton Founder and CEO, Victor Anton

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Wildlife Watcher: A Smart Wildlife Camera

Wildlife conservation is more critical now than ever, and monitoring biodiversity is key to protecting our planet. Watch to learn how combines AI, ML, Computer Vision, and FiftyOne to accelerate wildlife conservation.

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