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FiftyOne helps Taranis provide farmers with leaf-level insights for healthier crops and fields


Agriculture Tech

How are you using Voxel51?

Taranis crop intelligence solutions use deep agronomic expertise and the most advanced AI and submillimeter image technologies to automatically detect crop threats and provide farmers with leaf-level insights. Taranis serves more than 100 agribusinesses, thousands of farmers, and millions of acres around the world, and is growing rapidly.

“We’ve been using FiftyOne for over a year and it has drastically changed the way we work. The ability to easily display and analyze our images and their metadata, including experiment results, has been a refreshing change compared to the way we’ve worked before – mainly writing our own metrics and viewers. I’ve personally used FiftyOne for a segmentation model I’ve trained – trying to analyze the results and visually see what my model outputs has been really easy and fluid thanks to FiftyOne.”

Ido Greenfeld  AI Team Lead, Taranis

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“FiftyOne has been super effective in helping me to quickly understand the issues in my datasets, models, and latent representations.”

Dan Erez — Computer Vision Expert, Taranis

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