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FiftyOne helps BinIt provide visibility, insights, and automation for efficient material recovery


Waste Management;

Software Development

How are you using Voxel51?

BinIt is the first fully integrated analytics and data platform for waste management, helping Materials Recovery Facilities analyze materials and boost revenues via data.

“FiftyOne is the backbone of our Data Engine. It helps us to clean and relabel our datasets efficiently, and convert our model predictions into large scale training datasets with a little help from CVAT.”

George Pearse Founding Machine Learning Engineer, BinIt George P headshot

Workflows & highlights

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High quality datasets

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Training data selection

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CVAT Integration

“FiftyOne helps us stay on top of our incredibly diverse vision dataset, allowing us to build better models faster!”
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Join the community of developers and scientists who are already using FiftyOne to improve the quality of their data and build better models