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Build retail and ecommerce solutions that engage and scale

AI is helping retailers increase engagement, effectiveness, and efficiency. Retailers that need superior data quality and model performance rely on FiftyOne as the central place where their AI work happens.

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Retail leaders rely on FiftyOne across their AI pipelines

Inventory management

Visual data from cameras and other sensors make it possible to monitor and analyze inventory levels in real time.

Autonomous checkout

Through the use of cameras, scanners, sensors, and object recognition concepts, autonomous checkout systems can instantly recognize and tally products.

Visual try-ons

Virtual try-ons use digital overlays on images or live feeds, allowing customers to see what they would look like wearing items – all without having to go to a store or physically try on the merchandise.

Customer behavior analysis

By combining video footage from existing CCTV cameras with computer vision techniques such as object tracking, retailers can get insights into shopper activity, including shopping patterns and product preferences.

Product recommendations

Recommender systems can present items based on visual similarity, recent browsing history, wishlist items, and past purchases to tailor the shopping experience to an individual consumer’s style and preferences.

Shoplift prevention

Computer vision enhances retail security by detecting anomalies, improving checkout processes, and ensuring smooth operations. Its role in shoplift prevention contributes to safer and more efficient retail environments.

Optimize the value chain

Get better insights into what shoppers want, and meet those needs more sustainably

Delight your customers

Personalize and maximize customer touchpoints across all shopping experiences

Continuously redefine retail

Build and deploy powerful AI pipelines to stay ahead of the competition

Retail workflows enabled by FiftyOne

Re-identification & tracking made easy

Whether it is customers or products you are aiming to identify or recommend, FiftyOne allows you to manage all your tracking needs and provides builtin tools to evaluate model performance on re-identification.

Recommendation systems without limits

Have images but don’t know how to store all 50 associated labels with each image? With FiftyOne, there’s no limit on how many attributes or descriptions you can add to each sample, allowing you to filter, sort, and slice through even the largest, most complex datasets with ease.

Effortless zero-shot detection

Leverage the best zero shot detection models available today with FiftyOne Plugins! Detect broken products, pre-label your checkout data, and more by applying zero shot detection to your data.

Embeddings visualization in just a few clicks

Compute embeddings on your dataset to unlock similarity and natural language search on your entire dataset. You can even visualize the embeddings to find the hidden structures of your dataset and understand how your model sees your data.

Explore retail use cases

See how computer vision and FiftyOne are changing the retail industry, including inventory management applications, autonomous checkouts, virtual try-ons, product recommendations, and more!

Streamline your visual AI workflows

Supports all popular
computer vision tasks

> Classification
> Detection
> Instance segmentation
> Semantic segmentation
> Polygons and polylines
> Keypoints

> Point clouds and annotations
> Geolocation
> Embeddings
> Multiview datasets
> Image, video, and 3D data

See what retail data looks like in FiftyOne

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