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Robots need to reliably and accurately sense and understand their environments. Achieving human-level perception requires both high-quality data and high-performing models. The good news is FiftyOne is here to help!

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“Everything we do from the MLOps side interacts with FiftyOne Teams. It’s becoming the hub where all the spokes are connected. It’s like GitHub for code, but for our datasets.”

“On one side, we use FiftyOne Teams during model training to prep and select the data, then inspect the model’s performance on that data. On the other side, we take the inference results from our production models and test data to visualize and evaluate them in FiftyOne Teams. Doing this means we have an end-to-end process that closes the entire loop for us on model analysis.”

Robotics companies rely on FiftyOne across their AI pipelines

Object detection &

Key tasks in robotics involve sensing and perceiving the environment to inform decision-making. Object detection and recognition techniques help robots perform their actions with precision.

Environmental monitoring &

Computer vision can be used to precisely monitor the progression of a disease over time. These models allow doctors to track the progression of various diseases by comparing markers in biomedical images taken at different points in time.

Visual inspection &
quality control

Robots equipped with sophisticated visual systems can handle critical inspection tasks. These robots thrive even in harsh environments, accomplishing inspections swiftly and safely.


Computer vision is a crucial foundation for autonomous navigation systems, allowing autonomous robots to perceive, understand, and maneuver through their surroundings.

UAVs &

Drones need to navigate autonomously in complex environments. Computer vision allows them to perceive their surroundings, identify obstacles, and plan safe paths.

Product assembly &

Computer vision brings high precision to automated manufacturing quality controls, as well as the loading, preparation, and assembly of raw materials processed by machines.
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Increase quality and accuracy

Curate the highest-quality datasets and effectively interpret models results to improve accuracy

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Speed up time to production

Automate your data pipelines, iterate quickly, and get to production faster

Get more time to build what you love

Save valuable engineering time to build more of what you and your customers love

Robotics AI workflows enabled by FiftyOne

Understand and curate all your sensor data

Utilize powerful visualizations to understand your data like never before. Load image, video, radar, and lidar samples into FiftyOne to curate your sensor data all in one place.

Quickly find what you’re looking for

Sort, slice, and search your dataset any way you like — with natural language, an image, or filtering operations — to quickly find the samples you’re looking for.

Instantly improve data quality issues

Easily spot image quality issues across your dataset. Find the pesky images that are hurting your performance, then apply transformations instantly using FiftyOne’s Albumentations integration. 

Easily compute and visualize embeddings

Reveal hidden patterns and spot outliers in your samples through embeddings visualization. Choose from multiple ways to generate embeddings and specify the dimensionality reduction method to use.

RIOS’s AI-Powered Robotics Solutions Run on FiftyOne Teams

Streamline your visual AI workflows

Supports all popular
computer vision tasks

> Classification
> Detection
> Instance segmentation
> Semantic segmentation
> Polygons and polylines
> Keypoints

> Point clouds and annotations
> Geolocation
> Embeddings
> Multiview datasets
> Image, video, and 3D data

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