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Fast Code AI relies on FiftyOne for managing its data lifecycle


Software Development

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Fast Code AI builds computer vision solutions for driverless cars, sports analytics, inspection, and surveillance – empowering the world’s largest companies to interface with the visual world.

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“Fast Code AI relies on FiftyOne for managing our data lifecycle. Upon receiving initial data from our data labeling partner, IndiVillage, we load it into FiftyOne and scrutinize the labeling for any initial inconsistencies. We then provide feedback and obtain the next batch of data. This is where we train our baseline models and identify any outliers. We sort the data by their ground truth class confidence values in increasing order and display it in FiftyOne. This helps us easily spot and correct any incorrect labels. With approximately 30 attributes per image and over 40 possible values for each attribute, visualizing the data elsewhere is challenging. We greatly appreciate FiftyOne’s contribution to our workflow, as it has significantly increased our efficiency. We cannot imagine managing our data without this tool, as it offers an unmatched level of customization and functionality.”

Arjun JainFounder and Chief Scientist, Fast Code AIArjun Jain headshot

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