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Vote to guide our giving

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Voxel51 is always looking for ways to contribute positively to our global community. As a thank you for attending our event, we’d love to give you the opportunity to guide our monthly donation to charitable causes. To date, we’ve donated $3,000 USD across 7 important causes guided by your votes!

Step 1: Vote for a charity

Use the form below to vote for the charity that speaks to your concerns. We’ll tally up the votes during the event and make a donation to the top charity on behalf of the community.

Step 2: Please star the FiftyOne project

If you like our open source work and community contributions, we’d love for you to take a moment and give the FiftyOne Repo a star on GitHub.

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The Coalition for Rainforest Nations seek responsible stewardship of the World’s last great rainforests to achieve environmental and social sustainability.

Drink Local. Drink Tap. Inc. is an international non-profit focused on solving water equity and quality issues through education, advocacy, and affordable, safe clean water sources.

Education Development Center (EDC) advances lasting solutions to the most pressing educational, health, and workforce challenges across the globe.