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Announcing the FiftyOne Computer Vision Educational Workshop Series

Voxel51 is excited to announce the first in a series of hands-on, educational workshops focused on showing you step-by-step how to use FiftyOne, the open source toolkit that enables you to build better computer vision workflows by improving the quality of your datasets and delivering insights about your models.

Make sure to register to reserve your spot for the first virtual workshop, Getting Started with FiftyOne, happening on March 29 at 10 AM Pacific. Your instructor will be Jacob Marks, PhD, machine learning engineer, prolific blogger, and member of the Developer Relations team here at Voxel51.

Wait, what’s FiftyOne?

For the uninitiated, FiftyOne is an open source machine learning toolset that enables data science teams to improve the performance of their computer vision models by helping them curate high quality datasets, evaluate models, find mistakes, visualize embeddings, and get to production faster.

FiftyOne quick overview gif

About the workshop

Delivering production-grade AI requires high-quality datasets and high-performing models. To get there, data engineers and scientists need the right tools to visualize datasets and interpret models faster and more effectively. We created the “Getting Started with FiftyOne” workshop to help you gain greater visibility into the quality of your computer vision datasets and models. This 90 minute workshop is broken up into two main sections, lecture and lab. All attendees will get access to the tutorials, videos, and code examples used in the workshop.

In the interactive “lecture” portion of the workshop we’ll cover the following topics:

  • FiftyOne Basics (terms, architecture, installation, and general usage)
  • An overview of useful workflows to explore, understand, and curate your data
  • How FiftyOne represents and semantically slices unstructured computer vision data

In the hands-on “lab” portion of the workshop we’ll take what we learned in the lecture and put it into action:

  • Loading datasets from the FiftyOne Dataset Zoo
  • How to easily navigate the FiftyOne App’s features
  • Programmatically inspecting attributes of a dataset
  • Adding new sample and custom attributes to a dataset
  • Generating and evaluating model predictions
  • How to save insightful views into the data

Throughout the workshop there will be “pop quizzes” to test your knowledge.

At the end of the workshop you’ll have learned how to install FiftyOne, work with the Python SDK and App, plus perform basic tasks like importing datasets, creating views, and drawing out insights from your data and models.

Prerequisites for the workshop

To get the most out of the workshop we recommend you have a working knowledge of Python and a basic understanding of computer vision concepts. Familiarity with FiftyOne is a bonus, but have no fear, getting you proficient with FiftyOne basics is what this workshop is all about!

We do highly recommend installing FiftyOne prior to the workshop so that you can make the most of the lab portion. Installing FiftyOne is simple and takes just a few minutes! Visit the FiftyOne installation docs to get up and running in your preferred environment.

fiftyone install quickstart

About the FiftyOne computer vision workshop series

Look for additional virtual and in-person workshops to be added to the Voxel51 events page in the coming weeks. Lectures and labs will include following topics:

  • Bring Your Own Data: Load, import, and export your custom data in FiftyOne
  • How to send annotation tasks and load LabelBox annotations in FiftyOne
  • Exploring embeddings to uncover dataset insights
  • Curating better datasets by finding duplicate images and objects
  • Improving the quality of datasets by finding annotation mistakes
  • Tips and tricks for working with video data
  • Conducting semantic search at scale with vector search engines
  • Enter the third dimension: working with point clouds and more
  • And more!