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FiftyOne Computer Vision Community Update – May ‘23

Welcome to the monthly blog series where we bring you up to speed on recent happenings in the FiftyOne community and celebrate noteworthy milestones. 🙌 🚀

Community Spotlights

We love hearing how FiftyOne helps you solve challenges and reach new heights! Curious what sorts of use cases are possible with FiftyOne? Here are just a few highlights from what community members have to say.

Allstate India – Insurance, IT Services, and IT Consulting

allstate India logo

Allstate India provides software development, testing, business process management, technology support, analytics and other IT-enabled services to Allstate and its subsidiaries.

“At Allstate, my team works on auto vehicle damage inspection. Verifying the damage to a vehicle can take an insurance claim agent hours to verify, but using computer vision and FiftyOne, we can segment the parts of vehicles first, then detect the damages, and finally match the damage to repair costs and generate reports for the adjusters.”

Pavan Nanjundappa – Data Science Manager

Secury360 – Security

Secury360 logo

The Secury360 box transforms CCTV setups into proactive perimeter detection solutions that use AI to eliminate false alarms and guarantee only human detection, with 99.998% accuracy. The Secury360 box features edge AI to gradually learn the terrain through deep learning to recognize behavior and discern if someone has bad intentions. Because only human detections get through the filter, operators have more time to respond to and prevent real threats.

How FiftyOne is used: Secury360 has to manage very large image and video datasets that are constantly being fed by devices. FiftyOne helps Secury360 constantly improve their surveillance model by enabling them to compare similar data, and in turn, deliver a more distributed dataset to train their surveillance model on.

See More Stories

See more stories from people and organizations building remarkable machine learning and AI using FiftyOne and FiftyOne Teams.

Share Your Story!

Is your organization using FiftyOne to solve interesting computer vision problems? Share your success story and claim a box of community rewards as a thank you!

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Product Releases

In April, we released 0.20.1 to augment the recent FiftyOne 0.20 release. FiftyOne 0.20.1 contains 90+ enhancements and fixes. You can dive into the details of what’s included in the 0.20.1 release notes.

Community Contributions

A quick shoutout to the following community members who made their first contributions to the FiftyOne project with the v0.20.1 release.

  • @karsil – #2114: YOLOv5DatasetExporter: Add flag to use export_dir for path value
  • @dlangenk – #2122: Add option to import COCO annotation id
  • @HoopsMcann – #2128: Add interpolation option for image resizing
  • @oddeirikigland – #2145: Create annotation run crashes if some but not all samples are labeled
  • @andife – #2177: Update cvat.rst
  • @lauralindy – #2198: Add info to dataset

FiftyOne on GitHub

GitHub is home to the open source FiftyOne project. Here’s the latest snapshot of what’s happening in the FiftyOne GitHub repo:

  • Total stars: 2,900+
  • Total contributors: 60
  • Total used by: 283 repositories
  • Total forks: 343
  • Total issues closed so far: 784

FiftyOne Community Slack

The FiftyOne Community Slack channel is where you can join more than 1550 machine learning engineers and data scientists using FiftyOne to improve the quality of their computer vision data and build better models. Last month alone we had 55 first time community members. Ask questions, answer questions, or simply follow along with the discussion!

To make it easy to catch the highlights, every Friday we recap interesting questions and answers from Slack in Tips & Tricks blog series. Recent posts include:

Computer Vision Meetups

Computer Vision Meetups Worlwide, sponsored by Voxel51

Voxel51 sponsors 13 virtual Computer Vision Meetups around the world. (To join, visit the Meetup link and scroll down to find the location friendliest to your time zone.)

The Computer Vision Meetups are geared towards data scientists, machine learning engineers, and open source enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge of computer vision and complementary technologies. We put an emphasis on open source software, and speakers who are computer vision practitioners or academics doing research in the field. This month’s Meetups include:

May ’23 Computer Vision Meetup (Americas and EMEA)

May ’23 Computer Vision Meetup (APAC)

Recapping the April 27 Meetup

If you missed the last Meetup, make sure to check out the recap blog and watch the playbacks!

Upcoming Computer Vision Events

In addition to meetups, we invite you to join us for one or more of these upcoming events:

New Docs, Blogs, Videos, and Tutorials

We want everyone to be successful with FiftyOne, and one of the ways we try to do that is by publishing resources that you might find helpful and handy. Here’s a list of some of the new documentation, blogs, videos, tutorials, integrations, and cheat sheets that you may want to check out.



Voxel51’s Commitment to Open Source and Community

Open source, transparency, and giving back to the computer vision community is what we are all about! Whether it’s developing the open source FiftyOne computer vision toolset to help engineers and data scientists build high-quality datasets and models, sponsoring Meetups to help members boost their computer vision knowledge, or giving to charitable causes on behalf of the  community, Voxel51 is committed to bringing transparency and clarity to the world’s data.