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Introducing VoxelGPT: AI-Powered Computer Vision Insights Delivered Through Chat

Game-changing natural language plugin makes complex AI tasks accessible to everyone

ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Voxel51, a leading innovator in data-centric computer vision and machine learning software, today unveiled an extraordinary breakthrough in computer vision: VoxelGPT. An extension of FiftyOne, the world’s most prolific open source computer vision toolkit with more than one million downloads, VoxelGPT enables computer vision engineers, researchers, and the organizations they work for to curate high quality datasets, build high performing models, and move AI projects from proof-of-concept to viable and in production faster than ever before. VoxelGPT, along with the full FiftyOne experience, is available to try instantly in your browser at

VoxelGPT brings together the power of GPT-3.5 with FiftyOne’s flexible computer vision query language. It turns natural language queries into actual Python code that can filter, sort, semantically slice, and reveal insights about the images and videos in your dataset, all without having to write a single line of code. While no code and low code solutions are nothing new, they can often force a one-size-fits-all approach to AI architecture and limit your ability to integrate with your favorite tools and libraries. VoxelGPT combines the simplicity of no code solutions with the flexibility of FiftyOne’s advanced querying and visualization, enabling you to do computer vision your way, but faster.

“Bringing safe, smart, and high performing AI systems to production requires scientists and engineers to understand the many complexities of their datasets and models,” said Jason Corso, Co-Founder & CEO of Voxel51. “FiftyOne’s semantic slicing query language enables these scientists and engineers to rapidly and effectively find corner cases and failure modes in their system. With VoxelGPT, not only can they do so with natural language queries, but even users who do not know the FiftyOne Python query language can now tap into this analysis capability.”

“At ADT Commercial, we’re actively developing socially responsible AI technology to create safe and secure commercial environments. We work with large-scale datasets, often numbering in the millions of samples, coming from multiple camera feeds in real time,” said Philippe Sawaya, Director of Artificial Intelligence, ADT Commercial. “Although data sits at the heart of AI, sifting through all that data to reveal critical insights is no trivial task. We’re thrilled to put VoxelGPT into the hands of our AI teams to make their lives easier and increase the value our AI solutions bring to customers.”

VoxelGPT makes it simple to use natural language to create complex queries, saving time and money, while streamlining the way you work. Key capabilities include:

  • Search computer vision datasets: Ask VoxelGPT anything and it will search your datasets for you and return the results. For example: retrieve me 10 random samples, display the most unique images with a false positive prediction, and just show the images with at least two people.
  • Ask computer vision, machine learning, and data science questions: VoxelGPT is not only a Python programmer-at-your-fingertips, it’s also an educational resource to help you understand basic concepts and how to overcome data quality issues. For example: what is the difference between precision and recall?, how can I detect faces in my images?, and what are some ways I can reduce redundancy in my dataset?
  • Search documentation, API specifications, and tutorials: VoxelGPT has access to the entire collection of FiftyOne documentation, which can be used to quickly answer FiftyOne-related questions. For example: how do I load my custom dataset into FiftyOne?, how can I export my dataset in COCO format?, and how can I generate a 2D image for a point cloud?

100% open source under the Apache 2.0 license, VoxelGPT is free and easy to use. Try it instantly in your browser at To use VoxelGPT in the FiftyOne App, simply install it as a plugin. Or, install it locally to use alongside the open source FiftyOne library. Learn more about VoxelGPT, or get started with VoxelGPT on GitHub.

About Voxel51
Voxel51 is bringing transparency and clarity to the world’s data. Our open source and commercial software enables developers, scientists, and organizations to build high-quality datasets and computer vision models that power some of today’s most remarkable machine learning and artificial intelligence. Tens of thousands of engineers and scientists have integrated open source FiftyOne into their ML workflows. Enterprise customers spanning verticals like automotive, robotics, security, retail, and healthcare rely on FiftyOne Teams to securely collaborate on their datasets and models. We’re building a fully-remote team of exceptional and diverse people who want to bring data-centric AI to the world. To learn more, visit

Originally published on PRNewswire on June 7, 2023