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Voxel51 + V7

Voxel51 and V7 partner to help you build smart, scalable, and high-quality dataset management pipelines

Be the hero against bad data

Nothing limits computer vision model performance more than bad data. Voxel51 and V7 have partnered to help you combat bad data by improving and optimizing your datasets so you can deliver exceptional AI products into production. At the heart of the partnership is the integration between Voxel51’s FiftyOne and V7 Darwin.

FiftyOne + V7 integration benefits

High quality dataset 1

Dataset curation for smarter annotation

Intelligently send smaller, carefully
curated data subsets for annotation
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Annotation review & QA

Discover likely annotation mistakes and easily
mark samples for reannotation back in V7
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Collaborate with humans in the loop

Safely and securely collaborate both inside
and outside your organization at all stages
of your workflows

Dataset versioning

Capture every annotation and model run in a versioned history of dataset snapshots
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Cloud-backed media

Connect your cloud-backed media to
FiftyOne Teams and V7 Darwin to directly
load items from your cloud storage
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Model evaluation

Easily load model predictions into FiftyOne,
and evaluate them against the ground
truth annotations

Integration Workflow

Learn more about FiftyOne + V7

Schedule a Demo

Request a FiftyOne Teams demo to learn how to optimize your annotation
and data-centric AI workflows.

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