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Speak at an Upcoming Computer Vision Meetup

Are you working on cutting edge computer vision research or related open source projects? If so, please consider speaking at an upcoming Computer Vision Meetup!

About the Meetup

  • Our members are data scientists, ML engineers, and researchers who want to expand their knowledge of computer vision and complementary open source technologies through technical presentations
  • Comprised of a network of 13 virtual Meetup groups
  • Every month we feature four (sometimes more!) diverse speakers working at the cutting edge of computer vision in both commercial and academic settings
  • Americas, EU, and APAC time zone friendly Meetups
  • Talks are 30 mins in length, plus Q&A

Yes, I’d like to submit a talk proposal for consideration!

Past Speakers Include

Emergence of Maps in the Memories of Blind Navigation Agents

Dhruv Batra
Associate Professor Georgia Tech / Meta

The Role of Symmetry in Human & Computer Vision

Sven Dickinson
Professor and VP University of Toronto /  Samsung

Redefining State-of-the-Art with YOLOv5 and YOLOv8

Glenn Jocher
Founder & CEO, Ultralytics

The State and Future of Wearable Vision Sensors

Kris Kitani
Carnegie Mellon University

The Future of Data Annotation: Trends, Challenges & Solutions

Anna Kogan (Petrovicheva)
Chief Technology Officer,

Advancing Personalized Medicine and Radiotherapy through AI-Enabled Computer Vision

Roushanak Rahmat, PhD
AI Speaker, Blogger, Researcher

Breaking the Bottleneck of AI Deployment at the Edge

Paula Ramos, PhD

Intro to CV with Hugging Face Transformers

Julien Simon
Hugging Face