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Meet VoxelGPT, Build Custom FiftyOne Plugins & Operators, Plus AMA

June 15, 2023 / 10 AM PT (1 PM ET)

live webinar, june 15 2023, voxelgpt, operators, and AMA


June 15, 2023 – 10AM PT (1PM ET, 17:00 UTC)


Virtual / Zoom


Wish you could search your images or videos without writing a line of code? Now you can! The VoxelGPT plugin combines the power of GPT-3.5 with FiftyOne’s computer vision query language, enabling you to filter, sort, and semantically slice your data with natural language. In this talk we’ll show you how to use VoxelGPT to:

  • Create dataset queries and draw out insights using chat
  • Query the FiftyOne Docs and user guides with a prompt
  • Get answers to broad computer vision and machine learning questions

Also, the latest FiftyOne 0.21 release adds a powerful new feature called Operators to FiftyOne’s Plugin framework that allows you to add your own new features to the App, like VoxelGPT or anything else you can dream up!

What are Operators? They represent bite-sized pieces of functionality written in either Python or Javascript that can be executed either directly by users or, more importantly, chained together for internal use to build up more complex sequences of instructions. They can range from simple actions like checking a checkbox to more complex workflows such as requesting annotation of samples from a configurable backend. Operators can even be composed of other operators or be used to add functionality to custom Panels and Visualizers.

In this webinar, Brian Moore (CTO) will cover:

  • The architecture behind plugins and operators
  • How to download and install plugins
  • A code walk through of some existing plugins and operators
  • Developing your own custom plugins and operators
  • How to contribute your work back to the open source FiftyOne project

We’ll also include an Ask Me Anything section at the end. So, make sure to bring your most challenging FiftyOne questions!

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