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Announcing Updates to FiftyOne 0.22.1 and FiftyOne Teams 1.4.2

The Voxel51 engineering team is thrilled to announce the general availability of FiftyOneOne 0.22.1 and FiftyOne Teams 1.4.2, which bring with them dozens of enhancements and fixes to streamline your computer vision workflows.

Wait, what’s FiftyOne?

FiftyOne is the open source machine learning toolset that enables data science teams to improve the performance of their computer vision models by helping them curate high quality datasets, evaluate models, find mistakes, visualize embeddings, and get to production faster.

Okay, but what’s FiftyOne Teams?

FiftyOne Teams extends FiftyOne with a GSuite-like experience for teams that want to collaborate on data stored in a centralized location with additional features like user permissions, dataset versioning, cloud-backed media, and enterprise security.

If this sounds interesting, read on! Then schedule a workshop to learn more about FiftyOne Teams.

What’s new in FiftyOne 0.22.1

This release includes:

FiftyOne App

  • Fixed empty detection instance masks #3559
  • Fixed a visual issue with scrollbars #3605
  • Fixed a bug with color by index for videos #3606
  • Fixed an issue where Detections (and other label types) subfields were not properly handling primitive types. #3577

FiftyOne Core

  • Resolved groups aggregation issue resulting in unstable ordering of documents #3614
  • Fixed an issue where group id indexes were not created against the right id property #3627
  • Fixed fiftyone app cells in Databrick notebooks #3609
  • Fixed issue with empty segmentation mask conversion in coco formatted datasets #3595

FiftyOne Plugins

  • Added a new fiftyone.plugins.utils module that provides common utilities for plugin development #3612
  • Re-enabled text-only placement support when icon is not available #3593
  • Added read-only support for FileExplorerView #3639
  • The fiftyone delegated launch CLI command will now only run one operation at a time #3615
  • Fixed an issue where custom component props were not supported #3595
  • Fixed issue where selected_labels were missing from the ExecutionContext during resolve_input and resolve_output. #3575

What’s new in FiftyOne Teams 1.4.2?

Includes all updates from FiftyOne 0.22.1, plus:

General enhancements and fixes

  • Error messages now clearly indicate when attempting to use a duplicate key on datasets a user does not have access to
  • Fixed issue with setting default access permissions for new datasets
  • Deleting a dataset now deletes all dataset-related references
  • Default fields now populate properly when creating a new dataset regardless of client
  • Improved complex/multi collection aggregations in the api client
  • Fixed issue where users could not list other users within their own org
  • Snapshots now properly include all run results
  • Fixed issue where reverting a snapshot behaved incorrectly in some cases
  • Fixed Python 3.7 support in the fiftyone-teams SDK

FiftyOne App

  • Searching users has been improved
  • Resolved issue with recent views not displaying properly

Check out the release notes for a full rundown of additional enhancements and bugfixes in FiftyOne Teams 1.4.2.

Get involved in the FiftyOne open source community!

If you are working on computer vision use cases and unstructured data, the FiftyOne community is for you. There are tons of ways to get involved, for example:

FiftyOne Community Slack

With over 2,000 members, the community Slack channel is a great place to interact with the FiftyOne developers and exchange solutions with machine learning engineers doing computer vision in production.

To make it easy to catch the highlights, every Friday we recap interesting questions and answers from Slack in Tips & Tricks blog series. Recent posts include:

Computer Vision and AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Meetups

Voxel51 sponsors 13 virtual Computer Vision Meetups and 12 AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Meetups around the world with over 16,000 members. (To join, visit the Meetup links and scroll down to find the location friendliest to your time zone.)

The Computer Vision Meetups are geared towards data scientists, machine learning engineers, and open source enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge of computer vision and complementary technologies. We put an emphasis on open source software, and speakers who are computer vision practitioners or academics doing research in the field. Our next Meetup is happening this Thursday:

  • Bridging the Gap: Advancing Civil Engineering Inspections with Computer Vision – Johannes Flotzinger, Civil Engineer & Research
assistant at Universität der Bundeswehr München
  • Adapting to Change: Foundation Models, APIs, and the Past, Present and Future of AI Development – Pietro Bolcato at Kittl
  • Deci Diffusion: Triple the Speed of Stable Diffusion – Harpreet Sahota, DevRel Manager ay

FiftyOne on GitHub

If you want to start contributing to the FiftyOne project resolving issues, reporting bugs or making enhancements to the Docs, check out these resources:

Community Spotlights

Is your organization already using FiftyOne to solve interesting computer vision problems? Share your success story and claim a box of community rewards as a thank you!