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5 Reasons to Visit Voxel51 at CVPR

CVPR is just around the corner! We’re excited to take part in this amazing event again this year and to join the community of computer vision researchers and engineers from around the world gathering in Vancouver, Canada June 18-22. 

If you’re also attending, we’d love to meet you! Here are the top 5 reasons you’ll want to visit Voxel51 at CVPR 2023.

1 – 🔥 Hot off the press: Meet your new AI assistant for computer vision, VoxelGPT!

Wish you could search your images or videos without writing a line of code? Now you can! The VoxelGPT plugin combines the power of GPT-3.5 with FiftyOne’s computer vision query language, enabling you to filter, sort, and semantically slice your data with natural language. See it in action at booth 1618!

2 – ⚡ Experience the tremendous power of FiftyOne, the open source computer vision toolset

Nothing limits model performance more than a bad dataset. Let us show you how you can be the hero against bad data with FiftyOne – the open source toolkit that helps you easily improve the quality of your datasets, gain insights about your models, and build better AI. Now with VoxelGPT!

Visit the Voxel51 booth #1618 to experience FiftyOne:

  • See a live demo! Tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll show you. Or we can show you some of the most loved features. Either way, come see FiftyOne and VoxelGPT in action on the big screen!
  • Want to try it for yourself? Visit the hands-on demo station to let your fingers do the walking as you visualize and explore datasets, gain insights about models, and much more. Simply walk up and give it a try!

Or get a 15-min guided tour of FiftyOne in one of these Flash Sessions in the Expo Hall (area #1718):

  • Wednesday, June 21 at Noon-12:15pm – Eric Hofesmann will present the talk, Better Data + Better Models: Your Superpowers with FiftyOne!
  • Thursday, June 22 at 10:30-10:45am – Jacob Marks will present the talk, Researcher Survival Guide: Bye Bye, Bad Data

In just 15 minutes, you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of how to easily improve the quality of your datasets, gain insights about your models, and build better AI with FiftyOne.

3 – 👋 Meet fellow enthusiasts in the computer vision community

We’re as excited about the latest happenings in computer vision as you are! Want to discuss the state of computer vision, talk about data-centric AI, or best practices for overcoming data quality issues and building higher quality models? Come meet the Voxel51 team of ML engineers, developers, co-founders, and open source enthusiasts at booth #1618. Not only will we be available to discuss all things computer vision, we’d also simply love to meet you, and swag you up with some of our latest and greatest threads (while supplies last!).

4 – 👕 Score some epic FiftyOne swag

Who doesn’t like a good giveaway to commemorate an amazing event? Stop by our booth to see our lineup of goodies, including tshirts, water bottles, hats, and stickers. And snag some swag for yourself! It’s easy to walk away with gear you’ll love. Simply become a member of the open source FiftyOne community. For example: star FiftyOne on GitHub, follow Voxel51 on LinkedIn, join the Community Slack, join our mailing list, or one of the other convenient and easy ways to join in. The more ways you engage, the more gear you can grab. It’s that easy. 

As much as we love swag, we also simply love welcoming new members to the open source FiftyOne community. Why? We know how valuable FiftyOne truly is for data engineers and scientists and therefore getting it into the hands of even more people is what we’re all about. Even if you come for the swag, we’re convinced you’ll walk away with two things you’ll love: sweet gear and first-hand experience of how FiftyOne can help you level up your computer vision workflows.

5 – 🤫 Be there to witness the secret, must-see CVPR surprise

We went all in on CVPR this year. First we dug into the CVPR paper data and published some patterns and trends that we uncovered in the blog post CVPR 2023 and the State of Computer Vision. Next, to help you make the most of a jam-packed June week, we compiled a list of the top 10 papers you just can’t miss, with links and summaries, in the blog post CVPR 2023 Survival Guide.

… But that’s not all. We have another big, exciting surprise that you won’t want to miss! Visit the Voxel51 booth 1618 to witness this must-see experience, and let us know what you think!