Who We Are

We are Voxel51. What is a voxel, you ask? A voxel is to a video what a pixel is to an image. It is literally, a "volume element" in the space-time volume of a video.

Why 51?

A few reasons: there are many voxels; can we find the right one? Does the voxel you care about exist in your video?


/'väk-sɘl/     noun

Any of the discrete elements comprising the three-dimensional space-time volume of a video.

Our Mission

At Voxel51, our mission is to enable organizations to build solutions that extract insights from their video.

We're passionate about helping you get the most out of your voxels — all that raw video you have sitting around — because it has a huge amount of untapped potential.

Our Founders

Voxel51 was conceived when our co-founders met at the University of Michigan.

Jason Corso

Jason Corso, CEO, has spent the last 15+ years identifying and tackling problems in video analytics and computer vision. At Voxel51 and in his continued role as Professor at the University of Michigan, the intensity with which he believes he (and we) can make an impact inspires everyone around him to push boundaries.

Brian Moore

During his time at the University of Michigan, Brian Moore, CTO, designed state-of-the-art algorithms for problems in computer vision and machine learning. Enticed by the nascent market for video analytics, Brian forewent a career at a Big Four tech company to pursue his passion for startups, adventure, and herding cats.

Our Team


Jason Corso


Brian Moore

Head of Sales

Rafe Juarez

Head of People

Kristina Oberly


Eric Crews


Tyler Ganter

Data Lead

Andrew Israel


Mike Jeffers


Ben Kane

CV/ML Scientist

Matthew Lightman


Brandon Paris

Biz Intern

Cal Richards

Sales Engineer

Michael Sare


Alan Stahl


Ian Timmis