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February ’23 Computer Vision Meetup

February 9, 2023 – 10AM PT

Featured talks

Paula Ramos, PhD (Intel)

Breaking the Bottleneck of AI Deployment at the Edge

Paula Ramos

Vishal Rajput (AI-Vision Engineer)

Understanding Speech Recognition with OpenAI’s Whisper Model

 Vishal Rajput
AI-Vision Engineer


February 9, 2023 – 10AM PT


Virtual / Zoom


  • Housekeeping & Lightning Talk – Voxel51
  • Breaking the Bottleneck of AI Deployment at the Edge – Paula Ramos, PhD (Intel)
  • Understanding Speech Recognition with OpenAI’s Whisper Model – Vishal Rajput (AI-Vision Engineer)
  • Closing Remarks

Breaking the Bottleneck of AI Deployment at the Edge

In this workshop, you will learn how to use less data for performant AI models. You will see this in action through real-world computer vision implementations, such as object detection and anomaly detection use cases, optimization processes, and deployment at the edge. And, you will learn how the open source OpenVINO toolkit can help reduce the gap between theoretical models and real-world implementations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Train & optimize for the edge with less data
  • Improve the performance of your model regardless of hardware
  • Learn how OpenVINO can accelerate AI models

Paula Ramos, PhD is an AI Evangelist at Intel.

Understanding Speech Recognition using OpenAI’s Whisper Model

With the recent release of OpenAI’s Whisper model there has been a huge shift in the field of speech recognition. This new system was able to beat humans in translating and transcribing the audio samples even in very noisy condition. In this talk we’ll explore the paper, model card, and code to learn how to get started with OpenAI’s Whisper model.

Vishal Rajput works as an AI-Vision Engineer for a drone company where he heads up AI development. 

Don’t Forget

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