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May 2, 2024 AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup

May 2, 2024 at 10:00 AM IST | 04:30 UTC

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Who needs RLHF When You Have SFT?

Srishti Gureja
Georgia Institute of Technology & Writesonic

The talk will center around Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, and more importantly, “Why” is it even needed over Supervised Fine-Tining? We will also understand in easy terms some current open problems in RLHF as far as research in academia is concerned.

About the Speaker

Srishti Gureja is an ML engineer and researcher broadly interested in two things: ML efficiency techniques, including but not limited to designing algorithms that make maximum use of the hardware at hand, and the alignment in LLMs using literature from RL. She is currently researching better, simpler methods for aligning language models with Eleuther AI and Alex Havrilla from Georgia Tech. her full-time job is as an ML Engineer at Writesonic, a YC-backed startup.

Develop a Legal Search Application from Scratch using The Milvus Project and DSPy!

Mert Bozkir
LLM Engineer

Legal practitioners often need to find specific cases and clauses across thousands of dense documents. While traditional keyword-based search techniques are useful, they fail to fully capture semantic content of queries and case files. Vector search engines and large language models provide an intriguing alternative. In this talk, I will show you how to build a legal search application using the DSPy framework and the Milvus vector search engine.

About the Speaker

Mert Bozkir is a self-taught ML Engineer with a passion for Developer Relations.

Making LLMs Safe & Reliable

Shiv Sakhuja
Co-Founder at Athina AI

Large language models show impressive capabilities, but ensuring their safe and reliable deployment remains challenging. This talk will cover evaluation techniques to assess and improve LLM reliability across key vectors like groundedness and faithfulness. It will also explore detecting vulnerabilities to attacks like prompt injection and PII leaks. Attendees will learn how to build custom evaluations tailored to their use cases.

About the Speaker

Shiv Sakuja is a former Google engineer, and co-founder of Athina AI, an LLM observability and evaluation platform that helps developers safeguard LLMs in production.

Stay tuned for additional speakers!