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Curate better data,
build better models
with FiftyOne

Voxel51 is the company behind FiftyOne, the open source toolkit that enables you to build better computer vision workflows by improving the quality of your datasets and delivering insights about your models.

Does your team need to securely collaborate on datasets in the cloud? Schedule a FiftyOne Teams workshop.

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We use FiftyOne Teams to organize, select, display, and share our data which has led to better collaboration with and understanding of our large volume of data. FiftyOne Teams enables us to gain insights such as identifying and understanding data problems early, hypothesis validation, and dataset management overall. This has led to better solution engineering and better testing for the products and services we deliver to our customers.


Lanny Lin  Sr. Director of AI and Data Science, Vivint

With FiftyOne, you can...

Visualize your data

Explore, search, and slice your datasets. Quickly find the samples and labels that match your criteria.

Learn how to create views in FiftyOne >

Curate high quality datasets

Use FiftyOne’s tight integrations with public datasets like COCO, Open Images, and ActivityNet, or create your own datasets from scratch.

Learn how to load data into FiftyOne >

Train better models

Data quality is a key limiting factor on model performance. Use FiftyOne to identify, visualize, and correct your model’s failure modes.

Learn how to evaluate models in FiftyOne >

Find mistakes

Annotation mistakes lead to bad models, but finding mistakes by hand isn’t scalable. FiftyOne helps automatically find and correct label mistakes so you can curate higher quality datasets.

Learn how to find annotation mistakes in FiftyOne >

Use the Brain

Aggregate performance metrics and manual debugging don’t scale. Use the FiftyOne Brain to identify edge cases, mine new samples for training, and much more.

Learn how to use FiftyOne Brain’s machine learning to improve your workflows >

Get to production faster

Data scientists spend up to 65% of their time wrangling and evaluating data. With FiftyOne, build data-centric pipelines that surface the high quality data that production-ready models need.

Open Source FiftyOne

FiftyOne is the leading open source tool for building high-quality datasets and computer vision models. Get started in minutes!

FiftyOne Teams

FiftyOne Teams levels-up the individual experience of open source FiftyOne with collaborative features built specifically for teams, including cloud-backed media, dataset permissions, versioning, sharing, and much more!

FiftyOne is trusted by leading dataset providers


The COCO team recommends FiftyOne for downloading, visualizing, and evaluating the most popular large-scale object detection dataset in the world.

Google's Open Images

In collaboration with Google, FiftyOne makes it easy to download, visualize, and evaluate models on one of the largest publicly available annotated image datasets in the world.


We partnered with the ActivityNet team to natively support downloading, visualizing, and evaluating the leading video understanding dataset directly in FiftyOne.

FiftyOne integrates with your favorite ML tools




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