Visual data is the foundation of advertising and marketing. But currently available solutions are not fit to efficiently and accurately curate, manage, and visualize data. With analytics being critical to advertising success, we help the advertising industry take a measurably better approach.
Good advertising isn't possible without good analytics; good analytics are not possible without good data. Voxel51 is here to help make curating better datasets a more seamless, repeatable process. Your focus is ultimately bringing ideas and products to consumers. Don't let data wrangling distract from your mission. Our data curation tool, FiftyOne, enables better data, better analytics and better advertising.
Have a vision for what you are trying to do. Use data to validate and help you navigate that vision, and map it down into small enough pieces where you can begin to execute in a data-informed way. Don’t let shallow analysis of data that happens to be cheap/easy/fast to collect nudge you off-course in your entrepreneurial pursuits.


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