Quickly Build Insights into Your Video Datasets

Scoop enables you to make sense of your video datasets quickly and effectively. Scoop's faceted search is one-of-a-kind in the industry to let you quickly distill large amounts of video into the answers you need.

Scoop Helps You...

Create Machine Learning Datasets

Transform petabytes of raw video into useful datasets for training your machine learning models.

Extract Insights

Understand how your video content is distributed across your datasets in a natural user interface.

Get Oriented

Map your video content easily and effectively to understand how your data is geospatially organized.

Versatility in Features

Raw video or labeled video
Automatic indexing with state of the art senses
Faceted search into semantic categories
GPS metadata
Export to relevant video clips
Share datasets with coworkers and friends




Unlimited usage

25GB of Video Storage

3 Sense Limit

Dataset sharing



All free features and

More Video Storage

Unlimited datasets

More Senses Available


All Premium Features and

Unbounded Potential

On-Premises Available

Direct Integration