Our Products

We see the Machine Learning Lifecycle as below, with the first of the stages focusing more on data then moving to modeling in the second stage. As data scientists and engineers, we have struggled ourselves to master this cycle to achieve better performing models. And we've come to the conclusion that data is the key. As a result, Voxel51 builds tools to support and enable the you throughout the lifecycle with a differentiated model-in-the-loop approach.
Voxel51's product offerings support you throughout the Machine Learning Lifecycle. Our products seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and are easily adapted into your current workflows.


  • Better performing models start with better data
  • Enables high-quality visual dataset curation
  • Visualize and manipulate your data with ease
  • Platform

  • Scalable CV/ML model deployment and monitoring
  • Transforms image-only models to process on video
  • Making model deployment automatic and repeatable
  • PDI

  • Public awareness and safety application for COVID19
  • Measures human mobility and density in video streams
  • Gain insights to make safe decisions for your business