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Voxel51 is a startup founded in late 2016 focused on cutting edge problems in computer vision and machine learning with applications (so far) in public safety and automotive sensing. Our mission is to provide robust and customized video understanding capabilities to enable advanced video analytics that enhance societal welfare. We are based in Ann Arbor, MI, and we are a small, agile group that works closely together. Every team member can make a huge impact!

Voxel51 is an employee-centric and growth-minded company, and we are seeking employees who are willing to continuously learn and adapt to face new challenges. To support such growth, we explicitly dedicate time and material resources to enable our employees to succeed. Thanks to the strong quality of our team, we offer an innovative employment package that includes competitive salary, benefits, an aggressive profit-sharing plan, and liberal policies for flexible work hours and vacation.

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The form below is for research and development positions. If you are applying for a Data Annotator position then please directly email your resume and cover letter to data-jobs@voxel51.com.