More Than Annotation

Unlike typical annotation services, Voxel51 takes you beyond labels and tagging. Our team delivers intelligent annotation with a combination of professional human annotators and our video understanding Platform to support you throughout your AI development —from annotation and data management to model development and video processing at scale.

How We Work

Our rigorous annotation protocols, thorough quality assurance, and specialized ontology set us apart with rich, accurate results propelling your Data Science and Computer Vision teams forward.

Elevated Annotation That...

Manages & Visualizes Data

Receive your annotations as a JSON and visualize on our intuitive UI.

Ensures Security

Options for on-premises or private cloud keeps your data where it belongs.

Meets the Gold-Standard

Create gold-standard datasets with data-diversity to support your most innovative initiatives.

Visualize with Ease

Our Platform uniquely enables you to visualize, search through, and share your annotated video and image data. Our faceted search feature is one-of-a-kind in the industry to let you quickly distill large amounts of data to get the answers you need.

Custom Tooling

Our custom tools are developed in-house with video at the forefront—enabling higher quality, more accurate annotations. With our AI expertise, our annotation tools include built-in automation and a smart interface to maximize efficiency. We are always improving and updating our annotation systems to give you the latest features.